Our vision

We imagine a future where all New Zealanders maximise their potential and independence, living life the way they want, regardless of injury or impairment.


Our aim is to be New Zealand’s leading and most respected provider of rehabilitation services. To achieve this and deliver on our vision, we work at the forefront of contemporary health and rehabilitation practice by:

  • working with clients in ways that recognise their individuality and unique experience
  • developing and delivering a range of specialist services catering to the rehabilitation needs of those with an injury, impairment.
  • building, attracting and retaining a team of highly skilled, experienced and diverse health and rehabilitation professionals, committed to quality, customer service and sustainable outcomes
  • working with funders and partners to design and secure funding for modern service provision
  • building and developing relationships and partnerships within the health and rehabilitation sector to achieve maximum collective impact and sustainable outcomes for clients

Where it all began

Focus on Potential began in 2003 to address a gap in the area of specialised rehabilitation providers. With their accomplished backgrounds in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation and health management services, and leadership on the Occupational Therapy Board, founders Maria Benseman and Cassandra Hopkins quickly established the company as a leader in rehabilitation services. Following early success with service delivery, approach and business model, the depth and scope of services has expanded to cater to all ages and a broad range of rehabilitation needs. As of February 2023 Focus on Potential is now run by Cassandra as sole director following the retirement of Maria.

At the heart of our services is really understanding what people want back in their lives, and working with them to identify their goals and make them a reality. “We wanted to create a company with a focus on positive client experiences, sustainable outcomes and the highest standards. We’re partners with our clients, alongside them on their rehabilitation journey. It’s important to us that clients feel we’ve made a real difference.” says Maria Benseman, Director.

We’ve built a team over 200 highly qualified and experienced clinicians and specialists all over New Zealand. “We knew at the outset that for us to deliver at the forefront of contemporary practice, we needed to attract and retain exceptional talent. We designed a business model that gives professionals the opportunity to work with a diverse mix of clients and needs, whilst at the same time giving them the ability to work around their lifestyles. The result speaks for itself – we’ve built one of the best and most comprehensive rehabilitation teams, able to respond to unique client needs, and we’re tremendously proud of the results they achieve with clients.” says Cassandra Hopkins, Director.

Cassandra Hopkins

Director and Founder