Assessment services

A range of assessment services are available to identify what your needs are and provide options on how these needs can be met.

  • Assessments usually take place in the client’s home or relevant environment.
  • Assessments can take place in either one visit only, or for more complex assessments, multiple visits will be undertaken to ensure we’ve gathered all the information needed. We may also trial options or determine outcomes for the client.
  • During assessments, we’ll spend time with the client and their relevant supports to gather information about specific needs.
  • We’ll also consider options that could assist with everyday life, which might include:
    • Equipment such as wheelchairs, walking frames and alternative walking aides for use around the home or for improved mobility.
    • Temporary modifications to the home, such as ramps, suction rails, or repositioning items in the home environment.
    • Doing things in a different way to increase a client’s’ independence, such as shopping online, using a different type of washing line, sitting down when doing daily tasks, and choosing the right pace.
    • Using a client’s supports that are naturally present in the home or community, such as family or friends.
    • Suggesting funding options for a support person in the home, school or community to enable clients to participate in activities they need or want to do.